CSO employee training

Extensive employee training ensures our guards deliver to your expectations is paramount for CSO Australia. All guards complete a comprehensive induction into internal policies and procedures of CSO Australia, and undertake external training to ensure their skills are current, validated and industry effective. Furthermore, every month employees receive additional training to keep ahead of trending issues and evolving legislation.


CSO and Venue specific policies and procedures induction


Control and restraint fundamentals


Customer service fundamentals


Currency in liquor licencing and legislation updates


Key community safety issues

Control and Restraint Training

All CSO Guards undertake the Control and Restraint fundamentals program, powered by the Lawler Tactical Training Centre.

Lawler Tactical is a reality based armed and unarmed defensive tactics training organisation that specialises in real world, real life personal protection. 

Customer Service Training

All CSO Guards undertake a Frontline Services Training Program, powered by Optimise Training.

Optimise Training serves to bridge the gap between education and industry through highly interactive, engaging and memorable professional skills training sessions.